The essay will be about one of the persons listed:  Joan Bonvicini,  Mary Lou Retton (Rotunda),  Rocky Marciano, Joe Di Maggio, Amadeo Peter Giannini, Lee Iacocca, Patricia Fiorello Russo, and Leonard Riggio.

After selecting one of the persons and entering your submission, each essay will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Clarity
  • Historical accuracy
  • Good grammar
  • A natural style
  • What is the particular contribution of the person you choose?
  • What makes him/her very important?
  • Describe how this person could be a role model in your life.

The Biographies

The biographies below provide a short summary of the life and accomplishments of American Italians in a variety of industries. For your essay, we ask that you do extra research of your own to learn more.